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Create the smile you’ve always dreamed of with Invisalign dental aligners by Missouri City Dentist! We are dedicated to making you look and feel great every time you flash those pearly whites.

Invisalign braces alternative

Bite issues can have a big impact on your daily life, from impacting your self-esteem to distorting your speech, creating problem areas and gaps where food may collect, or can cause jaw discomfort when biting or chewing.

A malocclusion, or ‘bad bite’ may consist of misaligned or crooked teeth or may be the result of poor jaw alignment, or both. We diagnose the cause of the issue, as well as create a corrective orthodontic treatment plan customized to your bite problems and specific needs and desires. Bite issues can be treated with braces, or other corrective orthodontia like Invisalign.

Missouri City Dentist helps you determine the right method for your unique needs.

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Alternatives to Braces

adult wearing bracesCorrective dentistry lets us resolve your bite issues with supportive orthodontic devices. While traditional metal braces are one of the most popular options for correcting a wide array of bite problems, there are alternatives available that require a much smaller time and financial investment for correcting misalignment or dental crowding.

Invisalign dental aligners are an attractive, non-irritating alternative to metal braces that are easy to use and manage. Virtually invisible, most people won’t even know that you are wearing corrective orthodontia at all! The smooth plastic trays are custom-formed to your corrective needs, and the process is managed by changing the liners to a new adjustment set every two weeks.

If you are looking for a dedicated, professional Invisalign dentist to assist with correcting your bite issues, Missouri City Dentist is the experienced provider you deserve.

The Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign LogoInvisalign alignment trays have many advantages over traditional braces and other corrective orthodontia techniques. If you are looking for minor corrections to the alignment of your smile, or want to correct crowding, Invisalign is a great option.

The advantages of Invisalign include:

  • Comfort: Made from smooth plastic, Invisalign aligners are much more comfortable than metal traditional braces.
  • Timeframe: Treatment times are much shorter, typically anywhere from 4 months to a year.
  • Attractive: Since they are clear plastic, they are much less noticeable than standard braces.
  • Eat What You Want: Invisalign trays should be removed while you eat, allowing you the freedom to enjoy all your regular favorite foods.
  • Easy to Maintain: Invisalign aligners are also removed for brushing and flossing, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

For an attractive, easy to maintain alternative to traditional braces that will get your smile looking great, faster, talk to the family dental professionals at Missouri City Dentist today about Invisalign!

Complete Dental Care Providers

Invisalign m logo 300x108Missouri City Dentist is your Missouri City orthodontic appliance experts! We provide complete dental care, including bite correction for patients of all ages.

Whether you are looking for traditional braces for kids, adult braces, or an alternative corrective device like Invisalign, we help you understand your options and support you in making the best choice for your budget and desires. Call now for an appointment request.

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