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Emergency Dentist

Urgent Dental Need?

Have an urgent dental emergency requiring immediate care?

Tooth Pain

We can often accommodate current patients who do not have appointments for their emergency dental needs. Our emergency dentistry and accident dentistry services include temporary or permanent dental fixes to repair or alleviate pain associated with cracked or broken teeth, missing fillings, or other unexpected dental pain or urgent issues.

If we can completely resolve and repair the offending issue at the time, our injury dentist will do so. If further treatment is required, we will schedule you for follow-up appointments to ensure you get the complete dental care needed to relieve your discomfort and resolve the root cause. Our emergency dental providers are experienced and motivated to deliver outstanding services and support.

Missouri City Dentist is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care when you need it most.

Complete Dental Care Providers

Emergency Dentist m logo 300x108If you have an urgent need for an emergency dentist, or are just looking for a friendly dental practice for your entire family, Missouri City Dentist is devoted to creating winning smiles.

We look forward to becoming your chosen dental provider, delivering outstanding, personalized care that improves your health and builds your confidence.

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